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Rain System Photoshoots

This is pretty cool as well as unique.  The Rain System photoshoots Dubbed "Rain Shoots" are pretty fun and every Rain Shoot is offers many different and no two Rain Shoots are the same.  You can so many elements to your shoot.  Props are fun as well as adding smoke, neon lighting or strobes.  So by looking at the images above, which are all shot by me in my studio, are just a few ideas and samples of what you have to look forward to setting up a Rain Shoot photo session. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. You are going to get wet! (This is actual water, not photoshopped)
2. You will need to wear water proof make up.  (If not the make up will run all over your face)
3. Bring a large or beach towel to the shoot as you will need to dry off.
4. The water at time tend to get bit cold. (We will have heaters on standby)
5. Create your own magic in the water! Most of all have fun!

We look forward to playing in the water with you!

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